Geramye Teeter for SF Community College Board 2020

“ Future Focused”

Teeter’s Vision

Education is a human right

Geramye Teeter is a candidate for San Francisco Community College Board in this November's election. If elected, Geramye will ensure that all residents have access to high-quality, tuition-free post-secondary educational opportunities. An  education that: 


  • Develops Career Readiness

  • Promotes Innovation and Creative Problem-Solving

  • Strengthens Workforce Development 

As a member of the CCSF Board of Trustees, Geramye will promote inclusive, quality post-secondary education for San Francisco residents. Through, Proposition A guidelines, Geramye will institutionalize sustainability ensuring that renovation of existing building and new construction adhere to green building practices. 

Teeter’s Mission


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Teeter’s Platform


Geramye believes in permanent funding for tuition-free education for all San Francisco residents. Push the Green New Deal—Geramye’s business acumen and real-world experience is essential to advance CCSF’s Education Master Plan: Grow and Sustain Workforce Development.

Geramye will ensure:

  • Taxpayer funds are allocated for creating, maintaining, and revitalizing career training programs

  • Strong leadership implementing fiscal policy to resolve the chronic budget deficit

  • Transparency and accountability to students and faculty regarding business matters presented to the Board