About Geramye Teeter

Geramye is a community organizer and environmental activist. He lives in San Francisco's Bayview district with his partner. Having grown up in a marginalized community, the opportunities for his future were limited to financial insecurity characterized by low-wage employment options. Geramye pursued an education to create another path forward and believes that all residents  should have the same access to life-changing educational opportunities.
Geramye completed his Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science at the University of Nevada, Reno (2011). After undergraduate studies Geramye relocated to San Francisco and worked in renewable energy. Understanding the severity of the climate crisis and its impact on vulnerable populations, Geramye completed his Masters degree in Environmental Management and Sustainability at IPAG Business School, Paris (2016). His call to action as a leader is to demand environmental and financial sustainability from our public institutions. The combination of an MBA in Environmental Management and Sustainability plus 7 years as an energy efficiency project manager, equips him with the business experience essential to work with all stakeholders on resolving CCSF’s chronic budget deficit. Germaye will advance climate policy aimed at decarbonizing campus buildings and ultimately obtaining carbon neutrality. Geramye will ensure that bonds issued as a result of Proposition A, for new building construction and renovation of existing buildings adhere to environmentally sustainable practices



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