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for CCSF Board of Trustees? 

The cultural (re)awakening exemplified by the BlackLivesMatter movement has been a call to action for all of us. For some, these actions meant considering other histories, while for others, it is another day continuing to fight a system that oppresses minority communities. These actions ranged from showing up to peaceful protest, donating to the causes that speak to us, or engaging in dialogue with others. The call to action for me resonates in one hashtag, #BlackLeadersMatter. . 


Access to education is both a civil and human right. Having grown up in a Black and marginalized community, the opportunities for my future were limited to financial insecurity characterized by low-wage employment options. I pursued an education to create another path forward and I believe that every resident of San Francisco should have opportunities for free career development at SF City College. The cultural change we seek depends on extending free access to quality education and ensuring that our City College has the hardworking and diverse leaders like myself to guide us to a brighter future.

"I'm not accepting donations from private corporations or businesses"

-Geramye Teeter 



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Black Leaders Matter!