As A Future Trustee, I will promote inclusive, quality post-secondary education for San Francisco residents. 

My Mission


Apply professional expertise in energy efficiency and sustainability to guide CCSF's Education Master Plan, including facility and infrastructure improvements to campus buildings. Ensuring that spending of Proposition A bond funds is prioritized on sustainable building design, procurement, and construction practices to minimize carbon use throughout the operating life of the facilities. CCSF needs a systematic upgrade to its Education Master Plan to make sustainability an integral element of its fiscal compliance by decreasing campus buildings' operating costs.

Strategic Planning

Lead the development and implementation of a strategic plan to make all campus operations carbon neutral by 2030. Sustainability is not a slogan – it is a commitment to efficiency. Sustainability is an integral element of my commitment to see that the CCSF Board discharges its fiduciary responsibilities to end the chronic budget deficit. My goal is to create a City College that best prepares students to become stewards of our ever-changing world.

Workforce Development (COVID-19 Pandemic)

I am committed to strengthening workforce development programs that prepare youth and career changers with career training in the fields of technology and infrastructure. The COVID-19 pandemic has economically displaced San Francisco residents. Providing students and faculty with technology resources and training to promote remote learning during the pandemic is an opportunity for CCSF to serve our community. 



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