The Platform

Permanent funding for tuition-free education for all San Francisco residents. 

Green New Deal 

In March 2020, San Francisco voters approved a $845 million bond (Proposition A) for campus infrastructure improvements. The combination of an MBA in Environmental Management & Sustainability along with 7 years as an energy efficiency manager, equips me with business acumen and real-world experience essential to advance CCSF’s Education Master Plan. 

Pledge to Grow and Sustain Workforce Development

I will utilize my expertise to ensure taxpayer funds are allocated for creating, maintaining, and revitalizing career training programs to create more opportunities for student success. My goal is create a City College that best prepares students to become stewards of our ever-changing world.

I'm a leader who understands the challenges of life in San Francisco. My leadership is inclusive, collaborative, and passionate. These skills will help guide the board to success. With the threat of class cancellations due to the growing budget deficit and the resignation of Chancellor Mark Rocha, it is essential that we elect dedicated leaders that can implement a strategic plan to keep CCSF running strong. 



1. Create Real Change Appointing a Long-term Chancellor 

The next Chancellor must be a community-oriented leader, whose vision reflects the diversity of an ecosystem that includes student voices. One who is committed to update and implement a strategic plan leading towards sustained accreditation, financial stability and ensuring that CCSF provides strong academic foundation for future generations. 

2. Students First. 

My commitment that all CCSF graduates are equipped with essential skills and digital literacy to adapt to the evolving workforce demands. City College to evaluate curriculum focused on the workforce of the future, support the networks of student groups, organizations, & clubs to elevate student voices, and provide technology support to students and instructors engaged in distance learning due to the pandemic.  

3. Resolve Chronic Budget Deficit 

Academic, environmental, and financial sustainability are intertwined. Resolving the budget deficit requires engaging our elected leaders to prioritize education by allocating equal funding. Advancing climate policy aimed at “Decarbonizing” CCSF facilities, and working toward carbon neutrality will aid in decreasing operating costs. As a future Board Trustee, I pledge to work with all stakeholders to evaluate viable proposals to achieve financial solvency always with the goal of students first.

4. Protect and Procure the Arts 

The loss of Fort Mason Center for the Arts is devastating. Access to creative skill building is not only good for our economy, it's an important part of human connection and psychological health. 

5. Public Lands for Public Use

I would evaluate each proposed or standing sale on a case by case basis. I am opposed to projects like the Balboa Reservoir Development. I am opposed to selling properties that are intended for public resources. I will advocate for Public Private Partnerships that allow community partners the opportunity to serve our students, faculty, and staff.



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